Tara is buying a home for the first time this would make her a first time homebuyer.  This means she needs to know first if she can prequalify for a home mortgage loan and she needs to know if she can afford the monthly mortgage payment.  Click here to follow her home buying story.  If you have been through the home mortgage buying experience or are buying a home yourself give Tara some good advice to make the home loan process easier and smoother for her to buy and move into her dream home.


Tara is buying a home for the first time - follow her storyHow Tara got prequalified for a mortgage?

How did Tara find her Mortgage Loan Officer?

Was her Mortgage Loan Officer Qualified and Licensed?

Did her Mortgage Lender Banker take care of her?

What Lender gave her the lowest and best mortgage rate?

What Real Estate Agent did Tara use once she became mortgage prequalified?

"Tips for Tara" Follow and Comment on Tara's story

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